Predemtec DX

Predemtec DX is a serum-based immunoassay for the early detection and risk diagnosis of senile dementia of the Alzheimer’s type. The test is based on the detection of six biomarkers which are present in significantly altered concentrations in the blood serum when there is an occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease.

These biomarkers are highly-specific proteins that are responsible for the regulation of growth and cell differentiation. The changes in concentration are caused by, among other things, reactions in the immune system that occur during the development of the disease.

The Predemtec DX test uses a unique algorithm that consolidates the six individual values into one specific outcome making a reliable diagnosis possible. This detailed finding gives the treating physician the opportunity to design an individualized therapy for the affected person at an early stage thereby positively influencing the course of the disease to the best possible effect.

Predemtec DX for reliable and early diagnosis of Alzheimer's risk

  1. Patient-friendly: serum-based test
  2. Simple: Execution of assays with standard lab equipment
  3. Reliable: 86% test accuracy (76% sensitivity at 95% specificity)
  4. Sensible: enables early and customized therapeutic intervention

The test is currently in the IVD development phase and will most likely be available end of 2020 as a CE marked test for molecular diagnostics labs.